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Matt Gumm live dvd2 3D_resizedThis is the title of my brand new LIVE comedy DVD. Do you like it?

It says exactly what it is, me (Matt Gumm), live, one night only. It’s straight to the point, with a little witty twist.

I had the privilege of performing my “one many variety show” at Clay Cooper Theatre Thursday night, August 22. It was a blast.

A little over 350 of my closest friends, family, and fans showed up (along with a few people who didn’t know who I was and had nothing better to do on a Thursday night) and for that I’m grateful. We got started late and ran long, but God bless them- nearly everyone stayed until the end (which happened to be 1:30am!) That’s love.

We captured this performance on video and for the last 4 weeks I’ve been editing like a mad-man. My wife gave me a deadline of 8 weeks from the date of the show, and I better not miss it! She will beat me.

The one hour, one man show I anticipated ended up being an hour and 45 minutes with a full-piece band and back-up singers. Go big or go home, right? So now it’s a matter of cutting the fat and keeping the meat.

I enjoy editing, although I am my worst critic. Luckily I had an amazing support team making me look good. I’m really proud of the show we put on and think those of you who choose to buy a copy will not be disappointed.

The DVD features some of my crazy characters, including: Sticky Gumm, Bob Cobb (the old man), and President George W. Bush.  I also added a brand new bit where I paid tribute to some of my comedic inspirations, including: Steve Martin, George Burns, Johnny Carson, Jeff Foxworthy, and more. I performed 12 impersonations, including: Keith Urban, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson.

I played two of my favorite instruments, the hammered dulcimer and pipes (courtesy of home depot, wait until you see this crazy thing!) We did some rockin tunes, the music was killer and vocals top-notch. I can’t wait for you to see it! Click here for a taste of what this show was all about.

I’m anticipating having this DVD in my hand no later than October 22. I would love it if you would consider pre-ordering it here on the site, click here to pre-order. We’ll ship it to you the minute it’s ready and you’ll receive an email letting you know it’s on its way.

Now, back to editing, I’ve only got a couple of more weeks!

Thanks so much for being my friend and thanks for stopping by!

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