13 Wonderful Things About 2013

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Written by Katie Gumm
Narrated by Matt Gumm

Matt and I have yet to create and send an official Christmas card since being married 4 years ago, however 2013 was unique in so many ways so we thought it would be fun to reflect and focus on 13 wonderful things about this year.

I just want to start by saying Matt and I are beyond BLESSED. God has blessed us so sweetly this year and through so many precious people who love and serve Him. We could have elaborated on more than 13 unique experiences, but we have to agree these are our top 13. Some of these you may consider more ordinary than unique, but we don’t. Each had a unique impact on us this year in one way or another…in fact, having four jobs between the two of us is unique in itself right?! We GET to work, and both enjoy what we’re doing…praise God.  I’ve tried to list these in order of occurrence (I’m a bit OCD like that) enjoy!

Love, Laughter, and Rock N’ Roll- January 18 and 19 at Chateau on the Lake
Matt had the privilege of helping arrange music for our church’s annual marriage retreat in Branson. The musical theme this year was rock n’ roll. Matt had a blast coming up with the set list that included: Power of Love, Hold the Line, More Than a Feeling, Open Arms, and Faithfully. Our incredibly talented friend Tony Turner brought the house down with his vocals and Matt’s best buddy Paul Harris had couples belly laughing. Our pastor Ted Cunningham, along with Gary Smalley, Joe White, and Rick Rigsby brought messages of hope and encouragement- the event was an A+++ all the way around! By the end of the event we all found ourselves sad it was over! That doesn’t always happen

For 2014 this marriage event is called- Love, Laughter, and a Culinary Experience. It will take place January 10 and 11 at Chateau on the Lake in Branson. We want to personally invite you and your spouse to join us! Visit woodhills.org/LL14 for details.

Love, Laughter, and a Culinary Experience Jan. 10 & 11

Creation Museum- Petersburg, KY February 19
So, let me start from the beginning of this story. In January my boss Tim Dudley, who serves on the board of Answers in Genesis, had a party to honor the board members in Branson. Matt was invited to perform his 1 hour, one man show for the board members. They were so kind and invited Matt and I to the Creation Museum in KY for a visit and to perform his one man show for their entire staff at Answers in Genesis. We were honored (but truthfully skeptical we could make this happen before Matt went back to work at Clay Cooper Theatre in March). Before we knew it we had the date of Feb. 19 nailed down and we were going to KY!

Matt and I loaded the company Tahoe (when I say loaded, I mean to the brim…horse and all, if you know Matt you know what I’m talking about). We took off for KY, made it safe and sound, and were greeted by our friend Ken Ham as soon as we arrived. We were given a tour of the new Ark Encounter property (AMAZING) and a guided tour of the Creation Museum (equally as AMAZING). We encourage you to visit if you haven’t.

Later that evening Matt suited up and I took on my role as “unofficial sound engineer” running his tracks, and the show was on! Matt performed his one man show for the AiG staff and their families and we had an absolute blast. As usual Matt was ready to hit the road immediately following the show, so we did and he was home for rehearsal with Clay Cooper’s cast the next day…whew!

matt katie ken

Clay Cooper’s Country Express- March through December
Matt enjoyed his 7th season with Clay Cooper’s cast. Matt and the cast performed roughly 150 shows in 2013. Matt has signed on for an 8th season and is looking forward to bringing many laughs in 2014! To view their 2014 schedule, click here.

Main Street Music Hall
In 2013 Matt performed a few very special dates with the cast of Main Street Music Hall at Lake of the Ozarks. What’s most special about this, is the opportunity he has to perform with his folks! Both of Matt’s parents (Thom and Sandy) perform nightly as part of the Main Street Music Hall cast. I love watching Matt and his dad do comedy together, and the icing on the cake the three of them singing together…it’s the best!

main street

Woodland Hills Family Church
In October of 2011 Matt was encouraged to pray about leading worship at our church, Woodland Hills Family Church. The first Sunday he told our pastor, “Ok, I’ll try this for one Sunday”…fast forward 2 years later, and serving in this capacity brings more joy to both our lives than we could ever imagine. I’ve been given the opportunity to serve in our technical department so Matt and I serve attached at the hip on Sunday mornings. We are surrounded by the most AMAZINGLY gifted team of musicians, singers, and technical artists. Matt and I love our church so much. It has been such a gift to us as we’ve navigated 4 years of marriage…I’ll get to that part soon J

New Leaf Publishing Group
I have worked for NLPG for a little over 3 years now. I serve as publicist in our marketing department pursuing traditional media opportunities for our authors, which include: interviews, editorial, and speaking engagements. I get to work and carpool with some great people, on a good day there are 5 women in our carpool…we are a mess!

Matt Gumm LIVE DVD Taping- August 22
On August 22 Matt performed his one man show with a live band at full production value for 400 of our closest friends and family at the Clay Cooper Theatre. The performance was captured on DVD to be edited and duplicated for sale later. My dad (RP Harrell) oversaw the band and vocalists, prepared all of the music and charts ahead of time and orchestrated rehearsal the day of. Between the incredible musicians, singers, lighting, sound, and technical engineers the night could not have gone any better! Of course there were a few rough edges (we edited out of the DVD) but Matt really held the entire performance together and did a fantastic job, I’m allowed to brag right?! I stayed backstage helping him quick change throughout the night and anxiously hoping he would have favor with his audience! He showed no nervousness at all, that’s my job…I’m good at it. Before we knew it, it was 1am and the show was wrapping up. Our sweet friends stayed the whole time! Such troupers! We did it, we did it! Then we slept for a week.

Matt Gumm LIVE DVD Editing
It’s hard to label the editing experience as “wonderful”, but I do consider it wonderful that my husband can accomplish this part too! Between him and our friend Corey, the editing process was pretty smooth. We poured over editing, trimming, slicing, adding, subtracting for weeks and finally we sent it off to the duplicator, it was DONE! You can purchase your copy by clicking here.

Matt Gumm live dvd2 3D_resized

MattGumm.com- New Website
Speaking of purchasing a copy of the new DVD, you can do so at Matt’s brand new website mattgumm.com! This was a fun project. Our friend Sundi Jo Graham built the new site and did a fantastic job. We picked out the theme together and she made it come to life. Matt prepared some graphics and SJ carefully placed them in all of the right places. We are still adjusting to keeping the site updated like we should (it really is work!), but we’re learning to work this necessary part of having a “brand” into our lives.

Matt Gumm On the Road
Because of Matt’s beautiful new website, we have received some exciting opportunities to travel a bit and take Matt’s show “on the road”. Most recently we spent an evening in Kansas City with a corporate group celebrating their successful year of business and Matt brought a special surprise to their group through his comedy and impersonations. They were so much fun to watch! When Matt emerged as his “old man character” hearing the whispers was priceless, “Who is this guy? Does he work here? How did he get in?” In 2014 Matt will have Saturday’s off from the Clay Cooper Show, we’re hoping to book even more shows on the road!

Moses Gumm
In September we were adopted, by a kitten we affectionately call Moses. He was a stray kitten we believe was born in the theme park where our church meets. One particular Sunday a few young boys came running in the sanctuary with Moses in hand, saying “we found him the parking lot and can’t keep him!” They handed Moses to me and it was all over. My sweet husband agreed to take him home and find him a place to live…well guess what, he lives at our house! We love him. Our landlords have been gracious in allowing us to keep him and he has been a sweet little addition to our family.


4 Year Anniversary
Matt and I celebrated 4 years of marriage on December 22. How sweet it is to be loved by Matt Gumm. You may look at this list and say “wow, this year pretty much revolved around Matt’s endeavors”…yeah, you’re sort of right. But you know what the most beautiful part about that is, every single one of these neat opportunities we accomplished TOGETHER. We have discovered each other’s unique abilities and gifts and come to find out, they complement each other! I can say without hesitation nothing would have been possible without JESUS and our working together. It really is an incredibly special team effort, it’s the best!


Baby Gumm
NO we’re not pregnant. I wish I could announce that here as our grand finale, but not yet. We have experienced some interesting and downright hilarious moments through our fertility journey and trying to get pregnant. I cannot wait until we are sitting around the dinner table with Baby Gumm one day and we can say, “hey you want to hear all of the lengths we went to, to get you here?!” Ha! Baby Gumm is really going to be something. God has given us the most amazing feelings of peace and gratitude through this process, YES gratitude! We are grateful for the journey and most grateful we’re going through it together.

Well folks, that about wraps it up. I can’t believe I wrote PAGES about our 2013 experience, funny thing is I could write more…but here’s the bottom line, JESUS is the reason for it all. He’s our center and through Him all things are possible. We love him and hope you would consider loving Him if you don’t already. He loves you far more than you know and in the midst of this stinky world, He’s the light. Praying for you and your family this holiday season- we love you!

Matt, Katie, & Moses Gumm



  • Christi Lurk said on Dec 24, 2013 5:20 pm

    Thank you for sharing this. You both make so many people smile with your smiles and your big hearts. I love the glow of love you both have. I hope others will be just as touched as I was by this.

  • Dad & Mom Gumm said on Dec 24, 2013 11:33 pm

    Smiling here about your journey, your blessings, your love for Jesus & each other, & your understanding at your young age! Even smiling about Moses! Never thought I’d have a grand kitty but you’re right! All things ARE possible!! Looking forward to all God has lined up for you two in 2014!!

  • Spence said on Jan 20, 2014 6:20 pm

    We always enjoy you when we come to Branson each year!! Imagine our surprise and delight when we were on the Triumph cruise last week and we heard them announce that you were doing a special performance in the theater!!! We were so tickled and really couldn’t believe our ears!! We so enjoyed your show for your K Life friends!!! You are very gifted and talented!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts!! We look forward to seeing you again in Branson!! Your wife is adorable!

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